carakins (carakins) wrote in browncardy,

It's been a bit quiet around here of late....

I've been missing you browncardies.
I'm here, again, for knitting and crocheting inspiration! My mum's allergic to wool and doesn't like acrylics, but really would appreciate a handmade present this year. Any ideas of not too complicated patterns and yarns?
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I knit a moebious scarf for my mother for the holidays this year. It is a twisted cirlce scarf/hood/shawl/cowl thing. I used double strand of Cascade 220 wool and ribbon yarn in stripes.
Alternatively you can crochet a rectangular piece of fabric. Measure from the top of your head to the base of your neck. That is how wide you want to make it. The crocehted one I made for my grandmother last year was a row of sc, one row dc, one row sc, then a decorative stitch row. Weathe rit be a cross over dc or a shell stitch pattern What you want is something that will look nice on either side, becasue it is reverseable. As for the length my mother wanted it to be really big and be able to coer her head and shoulders at the same time as well as be able to fit loosely if worn over her shoulders. It is heavy and huge, but it is to her specs and is dying to steal it away before gifty time.

As for the allergy you can use cotton - which has a tendancy to be heavy fabric, or silk, the ribbon yarns can be pretty with a strand of cotton thread or yarn with it. Dependign on your mothers likes you could make a dress shawl using the decorative yarn and a black thread on big needles with a simple row1-knit, row2-k1 yo k2tog. Have fun, moms always like what you make them.. at least my mom and daughter do.