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Knit one, purl one...

Yesterday was a Good Day. It went something like this:

1. The Rocket mounts an expedition to Spar for the purchasing of the newspapers, fires up afterburners and effects re-entry.
2. The Rocket brews tea and reads same. The optical apparatus lights on the following advert: Wanted, hand and machine knitters, with a telephonic number attached. The tea is at some point drunk.
3. The telephonic attachment is utilised and contact is established.
4. The Rocket gathers examples of yarn-based output, packs star charts and sallies forth. This is a bold and pioneering move as the Rocket's guidance systems are barely adequate at best...
5. After much courageous navigation, in-flight refuelling and dodging of giant, mutant star goats (don't ask),the Rocket touches down in Moylgrove - far outside known space.
6. Captain and crew of the space station 'Blueberry Angoras' examine and approve the yarn based output and agree to pay the Rocket for the delivery of more output, made to their specifications and using approved materials.
7. The Rocket returns triumphant to the star base, effecting a minor diversion when the navi-comp went on the fritz, probably due to tea in the workings and likely aided by the crew being too busy singing along to Green Day to notice the turning...

So there you are - I'm getting paid to knit jumpers - how cool is that?!
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