carakins (carakins) wrote in browncardy,

An introduction

Hello! I stumbled across this community when looking for knitting tips and think it could be my spiritual home! I'm 26, my favourite cardie is red and I adore old clothes, costume jewellery and crafts. I knit, make bobbin and knitted lace, sew skirts and try to make my own designs for them. I also want to learn to crochet, make doilies and patchwork. I love sitting in at a weekend with Radio 2 and a nice cup of tea, with bread or cakes in the oven. When I moved recently, I brought a basket of tea with me on the bus and garnered a few strange looks. I also adore old manuals, and currently covet a reprinted guide to etiquette that I saw in a book shop. I would have adored living in the 40s or 50s. I even love the comedy of the era, hunting out old Goon shows and Hancock's Half Hour. My ex-flatmates called me grandma, mostly because of the knitting but probably linked to my finickitiness - I hate a misplaced apostrophe! So anyway, this is me - hope to while away some time with you all.
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